According to the organizational ethics and conduct principles, Soluto Regulatórios established a rigid Integrity and Conformity Program, in order to complement the internal control policy, creating mechanisms for management, monitoring and control on the relations with the market, this confirming the commitment to integrity in the way it interacts with collaborators, customers, the government, suppliers, partners and the society in general.

The business operation philosophy behind Soluto Regulatórios is providing a relational environment, in which the desired Organizational Culture can prosper and provide ethical, respectful, honest and transparent relations. The Code of Ethics and the Conduct Standards are instruments of the Integrity and Conformity Program, essential for the achievement of the organizational principles, which guide the Organizational Culture.

For the targets of the Integrity and Conformity Program to be effective and to promote the expected results, Soluto Regulatórios undertakes the commitment to:

  • Disclose the Integrity and Conformity Program for all involved agents´ awareness
  • Implement mechanisms for management, follow-up and control on the compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct Standards
  • Keep Executive Board of Directors engaged with the best ethical and legal practices
  • Strictly fulfill the provisions in the legislation in force, with special focus on fighting the corruption and money laundry crimes
  • Establish a communication channel with the market agents to receive accusations and complaints at e-mail:
  • Develop an open, honest and transparent relationship with all market agents
  • Apply the Principles and Values daily
  • Respect collaborators, customers, suppliers and partners