1. Grupo Soluto – Soluto Regulatórios hereby informs the users of its website on the internet that it is engaged and committed to transparency about its Privacy Policy. The objective of this document is to describe the practices related to the collection and the use of information provided in this site gruposoluto.com.br by the users and their respective purposes.
  2. The site users are requested to read the whole content of this Privacy Policy before effectively navigating, accessing the internal pages of the site or providing more information to us through the registration / contact portal at the referred electronic address.
  3. In case the user does not agree with the terms of this policy, it is not recommended to navigate and use any materials or contents available at this address, and to provide active, inactive or automatic registration.

Content Ownership

  1. The whole content reproduced in this site is exclusive property of Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios, considering all copyrights reserved. Thus, copy of the content or its images for commercial purposes can only be done upon prior and expressed authorization by the owner´s administrators.

Personal Information and Confidentiality

  1. In the Grupo Soluto – Soluto Regulatórios site, the information about the users are collected in the following way:

5.1       Data provided by the user – The site collects personal identification data, such as: name, telephone, e-mail, name of the company where the user works, position or role – by filling the forms in the Contact area. Occasionally, request of some information can be done by means of direct contact by a representative from Grupo Soluto – Soluto Regulatórios directly to the users by via e-mail or

5.2       User´s navigation information at the website address – When the user visits and navigates the Grupo Soluto – Soluto Regulatórios website, a ‘cookie’ will be inserted in his/her browser by means of the Google Analytics software to identify how many times the user returns to the site address. Information, such as IP address, geographic localization, reference source, type of browser, visit duration and visited pages will be collected anonymously.

5.3       User´s history contact –Grupo Soluto – Soluto Regulatórios may store information regarding all contacts already made with the website users, as well as the history of accessed pages and content downloaded from our pages and e-mail interactions.

  1. The users´ personal data will be entered in Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios´ internal databases, and shall not be transmitted or commercialized. The purpose of this registration is for statistical purposes, elaboration of visitors´ profile, interface for receiving résumés in the message main part in the Contact area for any people interested in working with us or for service or adequate clarification of the designated subject. The present term also allows Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios to use the users´ personal data for different purposes.
  2. The users can register in the site to receive information about the regulatory market, newsletters, offer of products and services related to the Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios´ operation market, as well as other contents prepared by the site owner´s team or by third parties, provided that the content is of public domain, or upon authorization by its owner for submission to third parties at frequency that may be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  3. Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios informs that it will use your personal data collected by means of registration forms or from your navigation history using cookies and web beacons in the site for collection of users´ data to be applied by our partners and/or suppliers, such as Google Analytics, for example, among others.
  4. Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios has a strict information security system, which protects the data supplied, avoiding its undue use by third parties. It is hereby pointed out that no information sent through the site will be transmitted to third parties without prior and expressed authorization by the owner, except for fulfillment of judicial determination or in the other cases listed above.

Third Parties´ Content

  1. Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios does not undertake responsibility for the content in any third parties´ links disclosed in the site, it is exempted from the responsibility for the content of any information provided in these addresses, “weblinks” or "websites", and it does not undertake responsibility for the Privacy Policy of these addresses as well. The referred links may be removed at any time upon assessment by the support team from Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios ´IT area.


  1. This Privacy Policy is available for check at the footer of all pages of the Grupo Soluto – Soluto Regulatórios´ site at gruposoluto.com.br, and any possible updates will be made available only through the same channel.
  2. Grupo Soluto - Soluto Regulatórios reserves its right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice or communication to the users, whenever it reviews its version published at this address.


  1. In case of doubts regarding the privacy of the personal data or in relation to the way we use your personal data, contact us at e-mail: adm@gruposoluto.com.br
  2. We are situated at address Rua Gumercindo Vieira Rocha, nº 207 1º andar – CEP [ZIP Code] 13.280-000 Jardim Flora / Vinhedo (SP).

Vinhedo (SP), January 4th, 2016.