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Integrated Regulatory Solutions and Product Intelligence

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We attend all economic agents with an interface in the regulatory chain

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Structuring companies in Brazil, operating in different business models

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Market strategy and new business development


Structuring safe and efficient regulatory solutions to help people and companies, through a collaborative team, motivated by self-development and excellence in results, making difference in the dynamics of business and society.

What drives Grupo Soluto is to believe that through the services we offer, we truly make the difference in our customers' businesses, in people's lives and that we collaborate directly with the society.

Our trajectory and continuous investment provided the built of a team full of talents, always engaged in the purpose of doing more, better and also encouraged to think authentically, guiding actions towards the best result.

Offering a wide range of regulatory services for the entire regulated chain, where experience and the ability to think new are combined while searching for strategic solutions, makes us different, but what makes our Group really special is the belief in that we need to contribute in business, in people’s lives who trust us with their dreams, goals and major corporate challenges.

Gisele Pimenta.


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The Soluto Group's mission is to act strategically structuring businesses that require regulatory expertise, offering solutions that meet the needs of national and international companies to operate in Brazilian market. With recognized expertise, Grupo Soluto meets the different needs of the regulated value chain, through a reliable and optimized way.

Company responsible for legal representation of regulated products in Brazilian territory. It enables the development of products import and distribution operations through regulatory solutions integrated to logistics and commercial process.

Group company responsible for consolidating regulatory intelligence and operational expertise. With a wide range of operations and experience in the regulated market, it offers integrated consultancy in regulatory intelligence & quality, especially in the segments regulated by ANVISA.