Soluto Regulatórios provides technical and regulatory assistance to logistics operators from different segments and regulated by the most varied government agencies. We work developing strategic solutions and implementing new operations throughout Brazil.


  • Licensing and implementation of operations throughout the national territory;
  • Solid experience in regulatory affairs;
  • Experience in logistical operations with the most varied classes of products;
  • Provision of services structured under technical feasibility analysis;
  • Technical and regulatory operational management from the beginning of trade negotiations;
  • Expertise scaling technical and regulatory activities for new initiatives and projects;
  • Professionals trained to adapt quality processes, with review and implementation of operating procedures.

Company Regularization

  • Operating authorizations with ANVISA;
  • Certification of good storage and distribution practices;
  • Licensing with local Health Surveillance agencies;
  • Architectural projects and LTA's (technical reports);
  • Licensing with Civil Police, Federal Police and Army;
  • Environmental licensing;
  • Permits, licenses and municipal declarations;
  • Class council certificates.

Technical and regulatory management

  • Control of deadlines and obligations;
  • Licensing renewals;
  • Consumption maps of controlled products;
  • Review of operating procedures;
  • Training application;
  • Qualification of suppliers and partners;
  • Technical and regulatory audit and inspection;
  • Control of import processes.