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For 14 years, Soluto Regulatórios has been structuring safe and efficient regulatory solutions to make a difference in clients' businesses, and in people's lives.

The Soluto´s path and the continuous investment provided to a formation of a team of great talents, always engaged in the purpose of doing more, better and encouraged to think authentically, directing actions towards the best outcome.

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What our team says

Working at Soluto is very good, because it is a company that respects the limitations of each person and seeks to invest in its employees, in addition to being a company aligned with my principles of ethics and conduct!

Leandro Tedeschi – Human Resources

working here brings me security and motivation. The company has goals, values, and commitments that align with my life principles.
I take pride in and admire the people who make up our team. Our interactions are based on respect for differences, and there is a lot of harmony in the work environment.
All of this makes me happy and fulfilled professionally!

Marcia Martini – Administrative

I would like to formalize my thanks and emphasize that it is a great pride and pleasure to work in a company that has as much support and motivation as Soluto provides for me and the other employees. I especially thank my leaders, for always believing and motivating me to grow and add more and more with the company, with our customers and in the other challenges that I can contribute!!

Nathalia Silva – Quality