About Us

We are a consulting company in regulatory intelligence and market strategy and we work with integrated solutions in Regulatory Affairs & Quality for the wide regulated market, providing the necessary synergy in the value chain with expertise generating or restructuring business.

Our purpose is to solve regulatory issues with a strategic vision, generate value and protect our customers.

In our model, we analyze the needs, carry out the diagnosis, develop the project, plan the activities and carry out the work. We are competitive intelligence and hands on. hands on.


To be recognized by Brazilian regulated market as an efficient consultancy, with extensive technical knowledge and strongly engaged with the best corporate practices


Structuring safe and efficient regulatory solutions to help people and companies, through a collaborative team, motivated by self-development and excellence in results, making difference in the dynamics of business and society.


  • We embrace the causes of our customers and contribute to their achievements
  • Transparency results in trust
  • Our enthusiasm inspires people and achieves results
  • Regulation is NOT na unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Technical competence and passion for serving
  • Continuous self development
  • Ethical values and compliance are non-negotiable
  • Synchronization with the regulated environment
  • Business through people
  • We do what we love and we love what we do

Quality policy

Quality guidelines that guide the philosophy of work in Soluto Regulatórios:

  • Provide services supported by the intrinsic values of the Company
  • Serving customers while respecting their individuality
  • Act with integrity, compliance, ethics and legality
  • Develop continuous improvement actions in internal processes
  • Use management, monitoring and controlling tools
  • Structuring the Company's Organizational Culture under the aegis of loyalty, cooperation, transparency and commitment in internal and external relations
  • Empower employees in new knowledge and skills
  • Encourage the development of new corporate attitudes and skills
  • Be our customers' first choice
  • Be our customers' first choice


Through intelligent operational management and a specialized multidisciplinary technical team, we have become a company with recognized regulatory and business reputation, with the dynamism and customization required by the reality of business, ensuring the creation of individualized solutions for each client in the diagnosed scenario. Our technical reliability, procedural quality, prompt response and solid values base have positioned us as a reference in the regulated market.

Compliance, Transparency and Ethics

We know that a company is built by its people, by the relationships between them and by everyone's interaction with society, and we are convinced that we must conquer markets not only because of our competence, but fundamentally because of our ethical values.
We reinforce this commitment on a daily basis, so that all involved follow together these same principles.