The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) requires the regulation of chemical, sanitizing and household cleaning products, which may vary according to their risk classification. The requirement is that manufacturers develop safe products with satisfactory results and strict quality control.

Soluto offers the regulatory services you need to meet the requirements of these segments.


  • Operating License;
  • Company Operation Permit (AFE), for industry, importer, distributor, storage and transport;
  • Renewal of the Operating License;
  • Change/expansion/reduction of activities in the Operating License and in Company Operating Permit (AFE);
  • Changes in the Company Operating Permit (AFE) such as corporate name, technical responsible, legal guardian, changes of address, among others.

Registration / Notification

  • Regularization of Class 1 and 2 Products
  • Renewal of Risk 2 Sanitizing Product Registration
  • Sanitation Product Registration/ Notification Change
  • Registration Certificate and Free Sales Certificate of Sanitizing Products
  • Good Manufacturing/Distribution and Transportation Practices Certificate - national and international

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