The differential of Soluto Regulatórios is the way in which the Consulting service in Regulatory Affairs is carried out. Through intelligent operational management and a specialized multidisciplinary technical team, we offer the dynamism and customization required by the reality of business, ensuring the creation of individualized solutions for each client in the diagnosed scenario.

In our model, we analyze the needs, carry out the diagnosis, develop the project, plan the activities and carry out the work. We are competitive intelligence and hands onOur purpose is to solve regulatory issues with a strategic vision, protecting our customers and adding value to their process.

Our way of consulting is focused on:

  • Technical reliability
  • Procedural quality
  • Response speed
  • Solid foundation of values
  • Compliance Policy

The team of collaborators at Soluto Regulatórios is made up of professionals with a high level of specialization, bringing together solid academic background in several areas that complement each other and carry practical experience acquired in numerous regulatory projects for national and multinational clients throughout the country.

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